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Grandpa moved deceased grandma from Jewish cemetery to non Jewish cemetery.

TW- death and burial

Both my grandparents and parents are Jewish. Secular ashkenazi family. Grew up doing all the main holidays but not Shabbat or anything. My grandma died about six years ago. There was a plot waiting for her in a Jewish cemetery with some of her family. That’s where we did the funeral. It was a fine cemetery about 15-20 mins home from the town my grandparents lived together in their whole marriage. About two years after my grandma died, my grandpa made this crazy impulsive decision to move my grandma from the Jewish cemetery to the cemetery in their hometown (which is very beautiful, but, there are crosses everywhere) (also my cousin who died when he was five, my aunt put him in the non Jewish cemetery bc she wanted him to be with her husbands relatives he’s not Jewish and she was a just traumatized from losing a son) but that must’ve factored into my grandpas decision as well.

Anyways, I went to visit the grave today with my mom, who is the least prideful Jew ever, so assimilated, and she was just as upset as me to see her around all these crosses. He didn’t even put a star on the head stone but it could probably be added.

I went on birthright a few years ago and got way more into my heritage. My grandpa also has been more into it recently. We actually went to israel together for his first time ever!

He has a new GF now, a Jewish lady, she’s nice I like her. He is planning to be buried next to my grandma tho, which makes me sad he won’t be amongst Jews. The thought of moving my grandma again makes me sick, but it’s also sad to think that my grandpa, this amazing Jew, won’t be laid to rest with other Jews. The topic is to morbid I don’t even want to him about it.

TLDR- grandpa moved grandmas body to non Jewish cemetery on an impulsive emotional decision

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