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Giyur as an Patrilineal Jew what about Ezra?

Sup folks,

I’m myself a patrilineal Jew who did Giyur so I don’t want to disrespect anyone who is a patrilineal Jew/ did a Giyur as a patrilineal jew or to get this question wrong.

But some days ago something came into my mind.

In Ezras time, we sent all non jewish wives and their children away.

Why didn’t they gave them the opportunity to convert? For the wives and/ or children.

Would a Giyur in the eyes of Ezra even be “sincere”/ allowed/ possible for a patrilineal Jew?

Is there anything written about in the Talmud?

I know in the Jerusalem Talmud there was once a question about giving a child of a non jewish wive a Brit Mila on Shabbes and this question was highly rejected.

Was is due to the child never converted? would that bris count as an Giyur? Was it because the wive refused to convert so the home wouldn’t be jewish for the child to grow up?

Thank you very much for your upcoming answers. 😀

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