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Give me your thoughts!!! I’d love to hear them!

Hi all! I have a request, but first, I’ll kind of give you some background on me!

So I’m really considering conversion. I know the process is long. My father and his parents and all of his family are Jewish by religion and ethnically. So yeah, genetically speaking, I am a Jew. But because of matrilineal descent, as far as tradition goes, I am not. I am interested in Judaism and understand a lot of it. I went to Christian school growing up and while I know there are many differences between the two beliefs, we studied Judaism quite a bit, and since I am a big world religions fan, I like to learn about them on my own. I am by no means an expert though. I want to convert because of course, I think it is a great faith, and I believe whole-heartedly in its philosophy. A secondary part of my reasoning is also to feel more connected with my practicing family members. I feel like growing up I missed out on a lot of the rich cultural experiences and traditions because of this.

So my main thing I want from you all is basically to tell me what you would say to someone who isn’t convinced of Judaism. I ask this because I like to hear the arguments people have to justify their faith and also it helps me learn more about the more important aspects of the faith to those that follow it! I am pretty well convinced, but I’d like to hear what you all would tell someone.

Additionally, if you have any recommendations for good resources to learn more, I am all ears and am more than happy to expand my knowledge!

Thanks so much for reading my novel and for your help!

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