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Getting back into practice, tips and advice

Hello! I’m a Jewish college student who was raised culturally Jewish but not religiously. When I was living in a city up until last year, I attended events at a conservative synagogue and got into the habit of joining in for minyan every morning.

I recently moved to a new area and have gone to the local conservative shul once to tour it but haven’t been back yet. I want to get back into practicing religion but I don’t know what to do specifically. I plan to start morning prayers again and me and my girlfriend (she is not Jewish but believes in G-d) plan to attend for the monthly musical shabbat service.

What can I do on my own to get more knowledge about the religion? Should I reach out to the rabbi or should I just start attending events and service (after getting the okay from the office)? What can I do to get more in touch with the culture? I plan to start hosting shabbat dinners again, even if it’s just for my girlfriend.

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