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Gebrochts question

I am not a follower of the gebrochts custom, but I am aware of it’s existence and I had some questions for those who follow it.

So obviously water (and water containing products) are a no-go. What about matzah that has been wetted with oil? Oil is 0% water (and any water would visibly separate so one can be sure of this) so would matzah dipped in olive oil be permissible? The matzah is wet but not with water or water-based substances.

If that is not allowed, would (kosher) clarified butter/ghee (0% water) be permissible because it is a solid and therefore the matzah is neither wet nor coming into contact with something that contains water?

If that is not allowed, what about pure salt? Surely salt has no water and should be fine on matzah?

And if not that, then is there anything that IS allowed on matzah? Or is the matzah just to be eaten plain. Thank you

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