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Gate keeping at a Judaica store?

I walked in to a Judaica store in my neighborhood yesterday to purchase siddurim. My parents are Israeli, I grew up around religion culturally more than in practice – parents divorced when I was young, didn’t push for any religious learning and wasn’t involved in any community. Now as an adult I’m trying to be more observant and study Torah. I walked in to the Judaica store, the man in the store asked if he could help me I asked him where the siddurim were. He lectured me on emunah and tried to sell me a book on understanding Judaism, asked me if I was studying with anyone, I told him I appreciate your concern but I am Jewish and would like to buy siddurim for the week and for Shabbat. He didn’t want to show me, he finally gave in and I bought them after a 10 minute lecture on how it is more meaningful if I have a foundation. It feels so yucky, like I was seen as second class Jew or something for just trying to be more observant. It was frustrating and made me realize why I only feel comfortable in orthodox settings when it is organized by chabad.

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