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Fur felt hats

Hello r/Judaism! I’m from Australia and not of a Jewish background. I grew up and do a lot of work in both the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, areas that traditionally have a very high Jewish diaspora demographic.

I’m also a big hat guy, love western/country hats especially. Akubra, Resistol, Stetson etc are what I live for lol. I just see so many damn cool hats around Jewish holidays and Saturdays that I don’t immediately recognise.

It got me to thinking, are there hat companies that manufacture fur felt hats that are marketed largely or exclusively to a Jewish market?

My very uninformed understanding was that any secular hat could be used but I see so many I just don’t recognise. I’m not talking about a standard black fedora, I’m talking about the wider brim and more interesting (to me) open and round crown hats.

I have Jewish friends I’ve asked but they, if it’s possible, know even less than me lol

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