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Funeral planning?

Hi all –

My father just died, and I’m next of kin.

His funeral in on Wednesday in New York. Today is Friday; shabbat on the east coast starts soon (I’m in SF).

My family are worried that we will not be able to line everything up in time. I’m getting a lot of heat; my family are yelling at me for not having flown out to New York the second my father died (my father has an assistant who is helping out on the ground there).

Obviously I’m grieving, and now I’m being yelled at. My brother is grieving by changing his mind every five minutes. This is very, very hard.

I have the cemetery plot and funeral home. They are moving the body today. Do I also need a synagogue involved?

Has anyone planned a funeral before? How quickly can everything come into place? I imagine in New York finding a rabbi isn’t difficult, but I do not know. How does this work?

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