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Funding a study room in San Francisco

Hi everyone, my name is Vidal and I am assisting the rabbi of a small sefardi community in San Francisco, more precisely in Richmond District. We have as a project to open a small beit midrash that would be open in the evening with people of little or no Jewish education to come and learn about Torah and build a nice atmosphere. The denomination is sefardi orthodox but all is welcome to come. We have a space already that can accommodate people, plus some books to begin with and money to expand if we see a potential. We are not affiliated with Chabad in any way, we’re just a bunch of people that want to create a nice place to come and learn. If anyone is interested please reach out to me and let me know what would be your interest, I can organize some small shiurim or groups on demand. No commitment nor contribution asked. Just friendliness and curiosity.

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