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Fun Traditional Chanukka Activities for Toddlers

…besides dreidel

Not doing kugelach because like hell I’m spending all evening in the ER for a swallowed stone unless there’s sets for toddlers.

I have 0 interest in going to public Jewish events with my wife and children. I’ll fistfight people all day long if I have to, but I ain’t got time for my wife and kids to get mowed down by gunfire over the worlds tallest menorah getting lit.

Should I go nuts and let my 3 year old light his own menorah under supervision to be then placed in a safe nonflammable place?

Was thinking of getting the torah dolls and some swords so they can play maccabee.

Yes the’ll be eating jelly donuts and I look forward to seeing where they get jelly that isn’t their mouth this year.

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