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Frum communities in dry climate in USA?

Does anyone know of any Frum communities (think Charedi, Yeshivish, Litvik or as the modern world knows them as the “black hats” or “ultra orthodox” communities- but NOT Chabad) that are in a dry climate/high altitude with lots of mountains to hike?

Just about all the Frum communities seem to live in the East Coast, which is very humid/low altitude and no mountains.

I’m trying to find a Frum community that is in a state such as Nevada, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, etc.

I know Denver, CO has one, and it would be perfect, but it has become SO expensive. Last I looked, to rent a 2 bedroom that is within walking distance of the shul is at least $3,000 a month. California is too crazy. Arizona is starting a community (which is exciting!) but crazy hot the majority of the year.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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