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Frum and Pregnant

I became frum about 2 years ago and since then got married and am now ~ 4 months pregnant. I have a pretty obvious bump at this point IMO. I told my (non religious) coworkers and we talk about my pregnancy which is so nice! I am feeling so unsure about telling my orthodox friends. I told My rabbi and he said people don’t usually discuss pregnancy and not to “announce” it, but if someone comments it I can confirm. Of course no one is commenting on it because that’s kind of an awkward thing to point out- hey did you gain weight in your stomach or are you pregnant? So I ended up telling one older woman who is kind of a mother figure and she gave me the weirdest look and her reply was just “well I figured so” and didn’t say anything else. (I will say this person is very into the ayin hara, very private, doesn’t say how many grandchildren she has etc. So her lack of response was unsurprising but it made me reluctant to share with others) I would like to be able to discuss my pregnancy with someone in the community bc it’s hard to find modest maternity clothes and just because I’m lonely and would love people to commiserate with. A few of my closest friends also got married a little before me so I don’t want to bring it up to them because you never know what people are dealing with in family planning. Kind of a rant but if anyone has any feedback or advice lmk.

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