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From Ultra-Orthodox Jew to New York City Conductor

Hey guys! I just published my interview with former ultra-orthodox Jew, now a New York conductor, on Medium. It would be great if you read it and clap if you like it )

“I come from a long line of ultra-Orthodox Jews. My father was born in Brazil, and my mother in Cleveland, Ohio. My parents both descended from ultra-Orthodox Litvish families in the rabbinical tradition… “

“I got married when I was twenty. At twenty-five, I was divorced. When I think about it, I guess I got married to be independent of my family… “

“In my twenties, I started taking private lessons and then applied to the Academy of Music in Jerusalem, but I wasn’t accepted. So I got another teacher whom I found through a friend, a saxophone musician.

It was hard for my mother to accept my leaving yeshiva and studying music instead of the Gemara, although I was still religious. That first day at the Academy was the last time I spoke openly with my mother…”

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