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From secular to religious

So, I am of Jewish heritage (on my mother’s side) but I was adopted into a Christian family. While I know many Christians are lovely and accepting my family is not. Im nearly 20 and saving to move out, my fiancé is extremely supportive and has even gifted me a gorgeous mezuzah for Channukah this year. I’ve celebrated two Chanukkahs now, even began dressing tznius and wearing a tichel (seeing as I’ll be married soon). I eat kosher and respect the sabbath. I pray, albeit it an informal way, as if I’m speaking with g-d like he’s a father figure. I give you all this back story to ask one question of my more well versed Jews. It sounds silly but, I don’t FEEL like a jew. It feels like I’m doing something wrong, like I’ll never have the connection that others do with our father. I feel lost. I’m in a state that has NO Jewish people, let alone a community. I just want to know what I’m doing wrong and what I can do right. I want to know how to BE a Jew. No one taught me this. I feel lost. Help?

Tldr: I was born a Jew and trying to practice the religion but I have no idea what I’m doing.

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