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From an arab

To all my Jewish brothers and sisters where ever you are, I hope you all know that even if it seems like so many are against you including my own people that there are a few of us who understand/see the rapid antisemitism. I sympathize with Palestinians and I sympathize with the hostages, literally people can do both instead of choosing sides and saying one sides lives matter more.

And Jewish fear is valid honestly I’ve been seeing natzi talking points because people are too emotional and angry. We all need to calm down, stop blaming innocent people for what the governments doing and even if we don’t all agree why can’t we be civilized..I just wanna say regardless that, I understand you guys and I pray that one day we could all live together. Israelis and Palestinians deserve some peace ❤️ and especially the Middle East.

I almost forgot! Happy Hanukkah 🕎 for anyone celebrating

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