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Free Online Introductory Courses?


My name’s Brandon, I’m 31 years old, and I am a practicing Theraveda Buddhist. I see Buddhism as a lifestyle and philosophy for self-actualization and compassionate living more than a religion.

For about six months now I have been dating the woman who I am sure is the absolute love of my life. Her name is Grace, and she’s Jewish, and her culture and religion are very important to her worldview and identity. In a few months, I have the sincere intention to propose. I know that it’s important to her and her family that she have a Jewish wedding, eventually raise her children in the Jewish traditions, etc.

Throughout my life, some of my closest friends have been Jewish. I’ve always carried a deep respect and admiration for Jewish culture. Recently, I’ve been researching a lot online about the Jewish view of God and what God is, experientially and intellectually, to various scholars and Rabbis. Some of what I’ve read really, really resonates. God being the spirit of the world, the essence of the machinations of nature, a center of ethical perfection.

I am strongly considering conversion classes, but I would like to ensure that my heart is really in it. I don’t think it would be worth it to simply pay lip service only for the sake of marrying my partner. I want to know in my heart that Judaism can enrich my life and resonate with my world-view. I only want to start the process if I can be fully sincere in my intentions.

In that vein, I was wondering if anyone knows of any free online resources for the absolute beginner to delve into the teachings of Judaism? I’ve found some courses but they are a bit expensive- I’ve been laid off for months due to COVID. Also, I think that if I started attending in-person classes it would tip my hand that I intend to propose too early. We live together and my absence would be conspicuous.

I hope that nothing I’ve said here has been disrespectful or insensitive in any way, and I apologize if I’ve made any misstep by posting here. Also, excuse this baby account, I created it a few months ago when I rededicated myself to Buddhist practice and I haven’t used it much since then.

Thanks in advance for any advice or resources. I hope you are all well and good in these strange times.



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