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Free form prayer / davening in Judaism?

I was going through my morning tefila/davening today and a thought occurred to me.

It would be really nice to spend less time “going through the motions” (of the liturgy) and more time just sort of unloading myself of my requests, hopes, etc ….. speaking to G-d, so to speak.

I was thinking of integrating this into my davening but was unsure of a couple of things:

a) Is this a thing? Perhaps if it has a name I can find some resources about it. I know there’s hitbodedut in Breslov but I always thought that was a more meditative practice.

b) If it is a thing, is there a traditional time to fit it into the traditional davening schedule? After amidah?

TIA to anyone with info!

(My background is Orthodox but these days I’d feel more comfortable defining myself as masorti if that makes any difference!)

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