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Forms of God?

Hi all! Gentile here looking for the Jewish perspective on a theological issue.

Some background info: I’m part of a debate society at my university, we recently had a debate between Abrahamic religions. I’m a pantheist, so I didn’t participate, but it was fun to watch! When the Christian view on the messiah was brought up, the topic of debate shifted to the nature of God and how he can be represented (if at all): the Jew and the Muslim agreed that God cannot be a human under any circumstance while the Christian argued against that idea.

It got pretty hard to follow nearer the end, but what stuck with me was the “oil and water” analogy the Jew made about the notion of God appearing as a human. If God is omnipotent, why would the limit of his power be taking the form of his creation? Or is it just a matter of principle? As in: God could appear as a human if he wanted to, but pretty much never will?

I know God appeared in the form of a burning bush to Moses in the book of Exodus, so if he’s able to limit his true form to the extent of appearing as a plant, would appearing as a human be any different?

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