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Former Atheist, living a religious life for little over a month now, need some guidance on how to conciliate a mature vision of G’d and G’d as depicted in the prayers

So I’ve always been very secular and rational, and thought a lot throughout my life about morals and death (among many other things)

Recently I’ve come to realize there is great depth in Judaism, it’s history and thousands of years of philosophy, so I managed to strengthen my religious ties. Now I go every day to Shull, wear tzitzit, the whole deal. I’m feeling pretty good about it.

But some parts of prayer are hard for me to conciliate with.

The talk about a king, a G’d of war, G’d that controls the rain and so on.

I can’t connect to it.

Reading Rav Kook I see: “The tendency of simplistic people to understand the reality of G’d based on words and letters alone is a source of embarrassment for humankind. Atheism comes like a painful cry to redeem mankind from this narrow, alien pit, and to raise it up from the darkness of text and speech to the light of thoughts and emotions, and eventually, to place its main focus on morality. Therefore, atheism has a temporary function and worth. It comes to purify the dirt that has stuck tá a faith that lacks any comprehension.”

I love that!!! Completely speaks to me!

But how can I conciliate this whit the words of daily prayer when they are in such big contrast?

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