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Forgiveness, and how to forgive?

TLDR; recommendations for Jewish texts or teachings about how to forgive someone that is “unforgivable”?

I’ve got a question about forgiveness that I’d love some perspective on. I was raised Jewish, and forgiveness is something that’s been a core value instilled in me since a young age. I (potentially incorrectly) have always associated forgiveness with Judiasm, in the same way I associate being encouraged to ask questions and think critically with being raised Jewish.

Anyway… as an adult, I am currently struggling with forgiveness and need some guidance. I am in a position where I’m finding it extremely challenging to forgive someone who deeply hurt (and truly scared) me. I’m struggling with forgiving them because they have never shown any ounce remorse or even acknowledged that they were wrong, and they seemingly want to continue hurting me in ways that are manipulative, untruthful and downright mean. I think it comes from a darkness within them, and that darkness has been there for a long time punctuated with relatively short periods of hiding it until they can’t anymore and evil surfaces again. It’s very possible they will continue harming others, particularly those closest to them (like romantic partners). In spite of all of this, I want to forgive them…but cannot bring myself to. I’ve struggled with this for several months, and it’s really causing a lot of inner turmoil holding on to that negative energy.

With that (somewhat intentionally vague) context, my question: Are there any Jewish texts (articles, books, etc) or maybe specific portions of the Torah regarding forgiveness that you recommend reading? I know that I want to forgive them, but I really need some spiritual/religious guidance to be able to. Thanks in advance 🙂

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