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For the Frum (men), how much time per day do you spend davenning/doing ritual?

Shavua tov,

I am from a fairly secular background but have been steadily growing in my Jewish practice. Sometimes I wonder about becoming baal teshuva. I am not fixated on any correct way to be Jewish and am focusing on this journey, wherever it takes me, but I do wonder about it. Anyways, today I was on the Chabad website researching stuff.

I felt a little overwhelmed when I read about bensching. To bensch after every meal with bread, and bensching takes like 10-15 minutes. It just seems like nonstop ritual. Davenning 3 times a day, prayers upon waking up and before going to bed, bensching 2-3 times a day for a meal, prayers after using the bathroom, etc. It just seems nonstop. For those who are Orthodox, what is it like? Is it really “everything is ritual” like my Grandma says? Im just a little intimidated and I dont know if that is valid or not. Thank you.

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