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First time I’ve been to chabad since openly transitioning

My community is supportive, my rabbi is super chill and turns out couldn’t care less. Shout out to the one guy who asked if I had my bar mitzvah already, my dad found it hilarious. I was super self conscious and feeling delirious from fasting probably didn’t help, but nobody really noticed me and I really didn’t stand out. My dad was so supportive, and my sister was too although we kept making jokes that I was “abandoning her” when she went to the women’s side. Also there were other trans people there and one nonbinary person I recognized who stood in the back without the barrier. Plus listening to the rabbi speak really resonated, like my rabbi is always really well spoken but it just really helped me figure out how I felt as a trans Jew.

It honestly was an amazing experience for me and I’ve honestly never felt more connected to my Judaism. For awhile we had to stop going to Chabad for reasons I won’t get into and it just happened to be during the early stages of transition, but I had the courage to ask my family if we could find a way to start going again and they agreed. It felt like before I tried so hard to wrap my head around things that didn’t resonate with me as a Jew and I felt so disconnected from my culture, now that’s gone. Like I cannot express how much this meant to me. Oh, and shoutout to everyone yesterday telling me I look like a good Jewish boy, and thanks for offering support and advice.

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