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First Shabbat service: a question about not really understanding or "getting much" from a language I don’t understand or speak

Had an absolutely lovely experience at a Shabbat service that was hosted right next to the ocean last night. I’m going through the Intro class and met a lot of wonderful people in the community and feel at place there. I’ve enjoyed studying and reading the different books from the curriculum and diving into Judaism matters on YouTube/forums.

That said, the vast majority of the service was singing in Hebrew and I’ve got maybe half of the aleph-bet down to read with niqqud on a good day. The siddur was transliterated, thankfully, but I just wasn’t able to really “get much” from singing in a language that I don’t understand or could draw a meaning from – yet.

I don’t know if that will change with memorizing the sounds, but even then, just going through the sounds, is that genuine? I know a couple of prayers in Hebrew (I say the modeh ani every morning and love its sentiment, but then immediately follow it with my own English version).

I don’t even know the question I’m trying to ask, but should I be concerned about attending services in a language that is inaccessible for me and that I don’t speak? Wouldn’t I get more from say, a reform/reconstruction congregation that does mostly everything in my native language?

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