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First question of the year! (At least for me)

Shana tova! I hope you had a beatiful Rosh Hashana.

So, I had this question and I don’t have anywhere else to look for other opinions. I’ll try to make this simple:

See, I’ve been living alone for almost three years because I don’t have family anymore. It’s been hard, specially for the economic side. A week ago my -basicaally brand new- fridge had problems and today a technician told me that it has no solution, so I will have to buy another one, and again, economic problems are showing up.

I felt bad because of the money and most of all, I had vacation plans which are no longer. I took a nap and after wake up, I remembered that Hashem is the perfect driver not only for our lives, but for the whole universe. Also, I remembered that as they teach in Breslev, one should be thankful with everything that is ‘bad’ in order to stop suffering and then all the bad will be canceled (I’m not frum/hasidic, I’m reform but I like Rab Arush’s wisdom). And then, if I start having emunah with this problem, I will also have to have bitachon.

The thing is, I have this question that maybe one of you could help me to solve, which is: to what extent is being a person with emunah and bitachon being a fool?

We put our hope in Hashem. We are trusting that he will help us to overcome difficulties and we have . We know that everything , but, isn’t it also being a bit foolish? Isn’t saying ‘trajt gut, vet zein gut’, in a first moment, being goofy?

Or maybe it’s all about perspective and I lost the point a bit, because to be honest, maybe I remembered those things, but I don’t feel like I’m aboarding this situation with emunha/bitachon, but like a reckless person. Of course there’s a big difference between trusting something because you have something that supports your confidence and just having blind faith. But where do you cross that line? How can you be sure that you are really trusting Hashem?

Thank you for your answers. Shalom!

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