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First antisemitic experience on-campus today

I live on campus and went to a dorm hall event today. While there one of my neighbors was telling me that another neighbor (who was there was) was also taking the Introduction to Judaism class with us. We were talking about how we were looking forward to the class and a 4th person said they don’t like religion especially the Abrahamic ones because they are hypocritical. I tried to explain that Judaism was not at all how it is interpreted by Christians. (This isn’t even the antisemitic part).

Then the RA who was hosting the event said that he thinks that any religion that supports genocide isn’t that great. Seeing an opportunity to hopefully create an open dialogue about the conflict I began to discuss with him. It was tense, even while I tried to explain the history behind it and he kept refuting how that had any justification for genocide and that “wouldn’t you dig tunnels if you were being bombed and experiencing genocide” Eventually I simply said, “so you don’t think that Hamas attacked and murdered civilians on Oct 7th.” He then proceeded to say that Israel had contradicted itself so many times that no he didn’t believe Hamas attacked and if they did that they were justified.

I try to understand the anti-Zionist point of view and I personally think that if your solution says one state where Jews and Palestinians co-exist is the solution I don’t think that’s inherently antisemitic. But denying or justifying the murder of people who were targeted for being Israeli and Jewish. That’s antisemitic to me.

I just don’t know how to feel. I feel very alone. Especially because there are only 4 Jews at my school including me.

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