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"First Amendment auditor" causes security concerns at Orthodox community

“Today, Steven Joaquin Perez aka Zhoie Perez aka Furry Potato is back in our community dressed in a Burka. He came to Toras Emes, The Chassisher Kollel (filming the security door code), La Brea Kosher, Bais Yehuda, the Mikveh, Levi Yitzchok. (LAPD does nothing and cheers “Furry Potato” twice). He said he lives 10 minute drive from here and will be making our community a “regular thing” “every day.”

Do NOT engage with this person. Perez challenges people to fight in an effort to trigger a citizen’s arrest. Perez’s scheme is that she puts her camera in your face and when you push it away, she claims battery and has the video evidence. Do NOT engage with this person. Just call 911 if he comes to your Mosdos.”

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There was a previous incident involving this individual where they were shot by a security guard while harassing a Jewish girl’s school. The guard claimed they acted in defense of the community, and the guard was not charged for the defensive shooting.


Stay safe

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