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Finding our spot – movements/groups between conservatism and heredi.

Hi everyone! My wife and I are looking for our group/community/stream that more closely matches our ideals and the ways we like to practice.

We prefer more orthodox practice (more than the conservative movement that we have experienced) but the rigidity we’ve experienced in the orthodox Hasidic world has been a bit much for us. Especially in area’s I would call cultural to the orthodox world and not exactly Halacha related. For example, we don’t fit egalitarian exactly but don’t see any reason why women should not be allowed to participate in or pray allowed in public.

However we both really love learning especially about chasidut and various aspects and traditions related to Kabbalah.

We have read some good things on the internet about neo-Hasidic, masorti (being a much broader movement) but, I was curious if there is anything established that matches this more or less.


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