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Finding it impossible to get a job that doesn’t require me to work on Shabbat.

I’m so frustrated. I need money so bad. I’ve been doing Uber eats on the side until I can get something stable. I used to work as a bartender and they let me have Saturdays off even though it was their busiest day because I was a hard working loyal employee. Since covid hit, the service industry has taken a nose dive and I needed to move on and find something more stable. Worked as an insurance agent for about 5 months with the pay being 100% commission and no benefits and the company I was working for is losing business nationwide. Not exactly the kind of stability I was looking for. So now I’m back at square one. Every single interview I go in is great up until they hear me say I can’t work Saturdays. Sales jobs, office jobs, apartment consultants, car dealerships, you name it, I’m literally applying everywhere. They all require at least two Saturdays a month. What ever happened to the Monday through Friday workweek?

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