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finding a community

for some context, i’m 28 and nb. i was raised in a sort of nondenominational ashkefardi community with orthodox rabbis, i went to a jewish school with a double curriculum and i had a bar mitzvah, but my family was mostly secular except for passover and yom kippur. as a queer kid i got bullied a lot in school, so i only kept a handful of friends from there. as a result i never really felt like i belonged in that community, but i do feel very much a part of the jewish people.

since then i’ve moved countries a few times, for various reasons. in the meantime i married my boyfriend from university, an atheist non jewish man whom i love. it makes me very happy when i’m able to share parts of my judaism with him, we’ve had a few seders and lit a few chanukiyot together over the years. he’s not really interested in converting and i’m not interested in getting him to convert either, though.

i’m currently living in zürich, and i wonder if there’s room for a family like mine in the jewish community here

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