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ffb boys – why won’t you date a baalas teshuva?

I am a ba’alas teshuva, 22yrs old, I’ve been in shidduchim for about 8 months now and its clearly noticeable many shadchanim look at me as if I am defective. Despite that fact that I have a great relationship with my family, am very healthy mentally and became frum from a healthy place. I’ve spent 2 years in eretz yisrael learning in seminary – I’m not newly frum. So many guys won’t even consider going out with me even though I posses every quality (and more) that they are looking for. Ideally, I know it makes more sense to date someone of a BT background. But, I just want to know – what is it that makes me less in your eyes, that you wouldn’t even consider me? After all, I’ve dedicated my life to doing ratzon hashem from a place of sincerity. I understand that it can be difficult for two people from different upbringings to get married. However, being frum for a while now, I don’t see many cultural differences from other frum people in my circles. (I also grew up very traditional so becoming frum was more of technicality).

Good Shabbos

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