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Fences Around Fences?

There was some discussion of the halachic prohibition (Jewish law) regarding eating chicken, or chayah, wild meat like venison, with dairy. The prohibition is d’rabbanan (made by the Rabbis) not d’oraisa (directly from the written Torah).

Why would such a prohibition be necessary if the Torah doesn’t prohibit it? Furthermore, why would the Mechaber, in the code of Jewish Law, prohibit even putting chicken and dairy on the same table together?

The RaMBaM (Ma’achalos assuros 9:20) says that we do build gezeiros around gezeiros, prohibitions around prohibitions, when there is a concern that one prohibition would not be enough. In Chullin 104b, the concern is that eventually one may put the two together if one is in the habit of putting them next to each other.

The RaSHBa to Chullin 104a says that in fact these are not fences around fences, but all one big fence, and he notes that in Shabbat 17b ChaZaL forbid pas akum, bread of a non-Jew, in case a person eats oil of a non-Jew, then drinks wine of a non-Jew, then marries non-Jewish women, etc.

“We see, then, that if all the gezeiros are part of one structure, and one is necessary for the maintenance of the other, then it’s considered only one gezeirah” (ר’ שלמה חיים קסלמן).

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