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Felt some low key antisemitism from my manager tonight for not eating pork.

Using a throwaway account because I know people at my work have found my Reddit account.

I work as a server at a restaurant that is very pork driven.

Tonight there was a special we were serving that included pork. I obviously didn’t try it, but I asked a few of my coworkers who had about tasting notes/how they’d sell it. Not one person told me it was a cold dish. So when I was selling it, I didn’t think to say that to my table.

They didn’t like it, and they’re regulars, so I informed my manager, because I knew we’d want to smooth things over so that they’d come back.

My manger was annoyed at me for not “managing guest expectations.” Then he said, “of course, since you don’t eat pork…” and he seemed frustrated.

He had a talking with me at the end of the night, reiterating that I should’ve managed my guests expectations better.

Funny thing, when the table complained, I asked if I should get my manager, and they said it wasn’t necessary. I did anyways, because I knew it was the right thing to do.

My manager comped the dish and they ended up tipping me $100 on a $33 ticket, because they appreciated that I took their complaint seriously.

Still, I was in trouble because I didn’t taste it and know how to explain the dish properly to my customers.

Edit: I’m also tired of being the butt of the joke at every staff meeting when I don’t eat a dish. “Oh come on! You think you’re going to hell?? Get over yourself and just try it!” And I laugh along with them, because I feel like I have to. I’m exhausted by this shit.

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