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Fellow Jews living in very non-Jewish areas: where do you find Jewish community? Do you find it necessary?

I moved from Long Island to Oregon a year and a half ago, and have yet to meet another Jewish person. We have a synagogue that no one entered pre-COVID – always empty parking lots but Google and my neighbors said they were operating, even though I lived right by it and witnessed no activity. It felt like it’s there as a performative symbol of acceptance, much like the culture of my town.

I get tired of explaining why I can eat a bacon cheeseburger (because I’m a secular Jew and not kosher), what “secular Jew” means, and every American holiday I do and don’t celebrate. I had a coworker assume that because my family celebrates Thanksgiving, one of my parents must not be Jewish…what?!

Anyway, I love where I live and think I would love it more if I knew other Jews here. I miss being related to and relatable.

Anyone else in my shoes find a Jewish community where one isn’t easy to find, or who became comfortable without being near other Jews?

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