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Fellow (atheist)-Jew Curious About An NBA Player’s Suspension

So we all know who I’m talking about. The Nets laid out 5 things they wished for him to do in order to come back to play. I’m not as much of an NBA viewer as I used to be but his antisemitism has been glaringly obvious to us and something doesn’t sit right with me about his readmittance to play again.

They said they wanted him to meet with Jewish leaders in the community and go and study Jewish history. He also had to sit down and meet with Adam Silver. The last one he publicly did but nothing was publicized or photographed from what I’ve seen with him meeting with Jewish community leaders and studying our history. I’m not asking for a photo op. That would also feel hollow. I’m just looking for someone posting a photo of, “yo, I saw Kyrie at the Holocaust museum. Looks like he’s taking this seriously.” But I didn’t hear or see any of that.

The final part is the apology. He wrote a non-apology. He is supposed to write one. The owner Joe Tsai said it was not an apology and I agree with him. Is he gonna give one later or is this just being swept under the rug for money the league gets and so they don’t have a backlash from other nba players via the NBPA? Am I missing something or is the NBA about to sweep antisemitism as an issue under the rug while fascism is rising across the country?

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