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fell in love with a religious hazzan being secular

I (18 F) go to a chabad synagogue very often, and I must admit I developed feelings for the hazzan (he’s around my age) there. What is the problem? He’s orthodox and I’m not religious at all. I told myself I’d better forget him, that there are no chances he’ll ever see me as a romantic interest. There are plenty of jewish girls that are FFB (frum from birth), and probably I don’t stand a chance against them. However, I’ve been wanting to become a BT (baal teshuva) even before I met him, and I’ve been wondering whether he’d be allowed to date me if I started being more observant. I’m ethnically an ashkenazi jew, so us being in a relationship is not exactly forbidden, although obviously marrying a non religious jew is not the smartest thing a hasidic can do. But then again, I’m willing to become more observant, that’s why I started going to the shul more regularly in the first place.

What do you think about this whole situation? Are our chances of being together 0?

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