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Feeling sad that I don’t really have to any Jewish friends or any way to make them :(

Hey everyone. I’m dating a modern orthodox guy and things are going really well. I grew up reform, hardly religious at all, but I’ve been learning a lot about the religion and attending lots of Jewish events at Chabad. Unfortunately, the majority of the attendees at these events are men. The area we live in (for grad school) is not very Jewish at all and there is certainly no heavily religious Jewish community. I have three female Jewish friends in total, but none of them are really religious. It’s not that I need religious friends, but sometimes I wish I had someone to discuss modesty with and other orthodox principles.

I also feel sad because if we get married and have a religious wedding, all my friends will just think it’s really weird. I’ve been watching some Jewish wedding videos and admittedly I feel really jealous of the brides who have all the other Jewish girls with them behind the Bedeken. It looks so fun and I wish I had Jewish friends to enjoy that moment with (potentially). I’ve tried finding Facebook groups but all of them are geared towards finding a romantic partner, not just friends 🙁

Sigh. Any advice for me? I know I can’t just redo my life, but I really do wish I was raised as part of a Jewish community 🙁

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