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Feeling imposter syndrome taking time off work for the holidays

I was raised in a mixed religion household (read: my Christian father overtook our house with the Christian holidays).

I didn’t have a bat mitzvah until I was in Israel in my 20s. Even my general Judaism knowledge is lacking. (And it’s embarrassing to me)

This year I decided to take advantage of my company’s unlimited time off policy and I took off from work for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, two days each.

My company keeps scheduling events on those days and I keep having to tell them “sorry, im off for the Jewish holidays”

I keep feeling… idk what to call it. Imposter syndrome? Like I am not super religious but I wanted to honor the holidays this year. And now I feel like my company doesn’t care at all and has no awareness of Jewish people and their holidays. Even a VP in the company who is Jewish is working on those days. (Now idk maybe he isn’t observant)

Kind of venting. Kind of looking for empathy from anyone who may be feeling similar.

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