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Feeling Drawn To Judaism

Hi! I’m sure you guys get these posts all the time, but I don’t have anyone else to talk to.

I grew up Catholic. Like Italian Catholic with a family from Long Island Catholic. Eventually, my family decided to leave the church and consider ourselves non-denominational Christians with a sprinkling of Catholic traditions for flavor. Saints, rosaries, all that jazz.

Anyway, back in January, I started learning more about Judaism through various Jewish creators on Tik Tok. I’ve been interested in Judaism since I was a kid and was just excited to learn more. But the more I learned, the more I felt drawn to Judaism. A lot of my beliefs about G-d and religion seemed to match more with Jewish beliefs than Christain ones. Coming to that realization was honestly kind of scary.

So now I’m stuck. There are still some parts of my Christain based beliefs that bring me comfort, but I still find myself increasingly intrigued and drawn towards Judaism. I can’t figure out if I actually want to be Jewish or if I’m just spiraling because of the lack of acceptance I find in Christianity.

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