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Face Masks and Hasidic Judaism

I am by no means trying disparaging anyone or any group of people. I am just trying to satisfy my curiosity!

Yesterday I was on a flight from London to New York. Several times while in the air, the flight attendents had to ask three Hasidic Jews on the flight to wear their masks or wear them properly. Each time they would wear it, and once the flight attendent walked away they would take it off again or lower it below their nose. Eventually the flight attendents gave up and stopped saying anything. Besides those three that I could see, multiple others that walked by me had their face masks lowered too. From what I noticed from the back of the plane, I didn’t see the same issues with anyone else.

I was just wondering if maybe just that group travelling with me was special, or if there is a religious/cultural reason why they didn’t want to wear the masks. I haven’t seen much online about it except for the ultra orthodox Jewish communities having issues with Israel’s CoVID laws. Thanks for any input!

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