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Extra Shabbat candle instead of a yahrzeit candle?

TLDR: Is it appropriate to light an extra Shabbat candle instead of/without a yahrzeit candle in someone’s memory?

Long version: Hi! Looking for some advice. I’m non practicing but occasionally do small “non religious” traditions just to connect a bit more to our culture and ancestors (particularly because I’m the first generation in my family in a few centuries who is able to, and I’d like to honour them). I don’t observe Shabbat in any way but it was suggested to me after Oct 7 to light shabbat candles in the victims’ honour. I lit the two candles (tea lights) and all (including the prayer). At this point in my relationship with Judaism, I don’t want to light the candles every Shabbat. However, the experience was very comforting and empowering, so I’d like to start doing it when I feel I’m in need of that light. I haven’t lit them since. A year ago, a Jewish family member passed away. I honestly didn’t even know what a yahrzeit candle was until after the death. I’m not able to get another yahrzeit candle this year for their anniversary (this week) but would really like to light an extra Shabbat candle this Friday in their memory. My local Jewish community suggested we light candles in memory of Oct 7th victims, so I imagine it’s acceptable to light one in their honour as well? Would it be appropriate (also considering I’m not observant)? I’m new to this and don’t have a close relationship with my local community currently so any guidance is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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