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Exploitation of Jewish suffering in Ava DuVerney’s new film, Origin

I was interested in finding out more about this film and I read a review that included this blurb, “DuVernay masterfully weaves these ideas of caste together, collapsing multiple threads in a climactic scene where a German soldier executes a Jewish woman. When the gun is fired, executing the Jewish woman, a simultaneous gunshot kills Trayvon Martin.”

Excuse me? I don’t condone his shooting. But a black teenager who pummels some Hispanic guy who is quick on the trigger and shoots him is not like a Holocaust victim. Yankel Rosenbaum is more like a Holocaust victim. The victims of the Jersey City massacre are more like Holocaust victims. The victims on October 7th in Israel are more like Holocaust victims. I take exception to someone exploiting Jewish suffering like this who has never stood up to the enormous amount of racist violence that people of their ethnicity are inciting and supporting towards Jews (and quite frequently Asians too) on a disturbingly frequent basis.

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