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Experiencing gender inequality and potential discrimination in a Jewish space

I’m the only male working in a Jewish pre-school/kindergarten. I’m working special education with over 7 years in the field and a level of education higher than most other staff at this place.

My job entails observing students and teachers in the classroom, all of whom are female and mostly Jewish. I was politely asked in not so many words the other day by an older female teacher to leave since the other staff was singing during circle time. The issue she cited was Kol Isha. This made me incredibly uncomfortable to stay in this classroom and continue my observation of a child who’s IEP is up for annual review soon. Until this teacher mentioned it, I had completely not thought twice about a female singing. It was noted in my observation with regards to the child’s interactions within the class, but other than that was completely off my radar.

They suggested I ask the Rabbi (the CEO of this school), who knows the position I’m in. When I asked him, he mentioned that a few other (female) teachers had asked him as well. Still, his answer was non-committal and not definitive. He basically said that I can keep doing what I’m doing since it’s in a professional setting for the time being, but “in the long term we may have to revisit the subject”… this didn’t make me feel very secure about my continued employment at this place.

What should I do?

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