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Experience from the Zohar

I’m currently studying the Zohar. Reading parasha Noach in the Zohar has made me reevaluate my misanthrope. I’m not a big fan of my own species. In honesty truth I have more love and patience for non human animals. Reading slowly through the parasha of Noach in the Zohar I felt sorry humanity and then I accepted the human condition. I have no honesty idea why we have the powers to create heaven and hell on earth but that kind of power is overwhelming and it might explain human history. I cannot hold to my previous misanthropic views after the Enlightenment via the Zohar. What people are going through is something only Hashem can know 100%. Only He is capable of correctly judging someone. We shouldn’t be judging each other so harshly. So much trouble in the world and we are all we’ve got. Humanity only has Humanity. There’s no help coming from above when all the help is within.

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