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Existence of Kosher and it’s connection with peace and non-violence

Hello, Jewish people of Reddit! I have an undergrad academic paper due in two weeks that requires me to write about Kosher food/dietary taboos in Judaism and their relation to non-violence and violence. Secondly, how kosher rules came into existence or the logic behind them.

Edit 1: for example, Muslims slaughter animals in a certain way because they believe it is less violent compared to other methods. Most Hindus are vegetarian because eating animals is considered cruel (violent) and some even consider cows to be sacred and worship them because they are the primary source of milk.

Thus, my question is why are certain foods prohibited in Judaism while others are allowed (such as diff. kind of meat) and if they have any connection with violence and or non-violence. sorry if this is confusing!

Edit 2: I am looking for more examples like the example below. I am not asking you to do the research for me but simply, to point me in a direction so I can at least have some base to start with because history of Judaism is quite hard to understand by someone who doesn’t follow any of the Abrahamic religions. I am not sure on where to begin my research and hence, I am asking for your help.

Example: “Twice in the Torah we are given lists of birds which according to the dietary laws are not to be eaten – the chassida is mentioned as an unkosher bird in Leviticus 11:19 and Deuteronomy 14:18. Our great medieval biblical commentator Rashi, following an earlier Rabbinic source, asks, “Why was this bird called chassida! Because it does acts of chessed (lov- ing-kindness), in sharing its food with other storks.” A 19th-century rabbi asked, “Well, then, why isn’t it kosher? Because it does acts of loving-kindness with other storks, only with other storks and not with any other birds” – Deborah Weissman, The Co-existence of violence and non-violence in Judaism.

Side note: I have to connect Jewish dietary taboos to violence and non-violence because those are the main themes of my course. Any links to the articles that can help me better understand the dietary taboos are appreciated!

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