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Exhausted by antisemitism

I wonder if I’m alone in feeling this way.

Antisemitism is just so exhausting to me lately. Whether it’s online or in person, aggressive or passive, deliberate or borne of ignorance, I find it very difficult to cope with.

Sometimes I have to remind myself: “Stop letting these bastards live in your mind rent-free. Evict them!”

I’ve always been one to enjoy arguments and discussions, though, so it’s hard for me to stay away from the subject of antisemitism and those who spread it. And knowing that the vast majority of antisemites have made up their minds (and won’t ever change them) is disheartening, infuriating, scary, and tiring.

Having armed security at shul every week is exhausting.

Knowing that there are people nearby who wish me harm is exhausting.

Realizing that a lot of people have no clue about Jewish security concerns – or just don’t care – is exhausting.

Thanks for letting me rant. If you have advice for me, please share it here.

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