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Evil spirits are breaking my faith, I need help.

I used to be involved in the occult, I would do things like get involved with demons ( I don’t want to discuss in what way for ethical reasons), and after I cursed their leader, I guess this can be considered Baal, things went bad. (Even though this might not be common jewish knowledge, I have learned Baal is the leader of a demonic hierarchy, even if this is not mentioned and he was only talked about as someone the Canaanites worshipped. I have seen them burn houses down in retaliation for things I have said, I have see them cause car crashes, I actually disrespected them recently because I was angry they attacked me so much and the next day I was almost murdered by homeless people and I got hit by a car right after. I was under the impression G-d protects his people from evil spirits, however now I am losing faith. They are extremely deceptive and making me so confused about which religion is the true one. I am a muslim, this is because it says in Islam if your not a Muslim you’ll goto hell, so I am a muslim and I follow the Noahide laws because I have heard that if you follow them you can have a place in the here after, I want to be sure I make it, however I am worried. I have hear so much confusing information like “everyone who you have wronged has to forgive you to have a place in the hereafter, and “you must have done more good then bad in your lifetime” (Judaism rules), however I hear so much conflicting information, I don’t now what to do, what to trust, or who to trust because I know they are going out of their way to deceive me. I need help.

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