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Every time I re-watch South Park as I grow-up, I get to unveil a deeper level…

As it re-trace without fail the main social and emotional events of the western world within the last 2.5 decades. That’s a given.

But something’s still missing: you know, this one character who’s development has always been hidden (litt. or not): Kenny.

And when I recently asked myself who does Kenny really represent?
I’ve recently concluded he’s the hidden Jewish part within Matt Stone.

By “Jewish Part” I don’t mean it as literally. Because I think the Showrunners aren’t even aware of that hidden message. IMO it’s a continuous, pro-active intervention of the “Hashga’ha Pratit” (=Divine Intervention within the specific realm of a Jewish man/woman’s life).

This HP has always been hovering this Show specifically since day one (thing that’s not that obvious for American Dad, Rick & Morty, etc.).

Let it sink for a minute: Kenny.
The real (hidden) face of Judaism in the Western World.
His cursed parka, his resurrecting power, The fact that his alter-ego’s Superhero nickname is Mysterion, his parents being stuck in poverty and addiction, Kenny himself battling addiction and super-horniness. These are all trait specific to the REAL jewish people, not the one portrayed in the Medias, or the one you see in the Synagogues. I’m talking about the ones you don’t see: the ones who’re shunned by the communities (even the Liberals, cuz remember, they’re not rich enough to be part of it).

I’m writing this down for myself as a note, but I decided to publish it to see if this is making sense for others “Modern Orthodox” Haredi / Hassidic Jewish SP fans…

So… does it?

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