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“Every generation someone will try to kill us”

This is something my Nana would tell me. My dad became a Christian to be with my mom who is Hispanic catholic, and my Nana would tell us this along with stories of pogroms and holocausts. I never thought too much about it, I’ve just considered myself “Hispanic and White” with no real cultural identity besides that. If someone asked I mentioned that my dad was Jewish but I never really assigned that identity to myself. Then October 7th happened and it finally clicked, this is what my Nana warned me about. Now as I approach my first Passover Seder, I realize that this line she told me comes from that liturgy.

I’m not sure why it’s made me so emotional, but it has. I guess it adds a depth to my Nana I never knew. She’s Reform and really she is secular and atheist. Yet despite all that, she recognized the simple truth that Jews are marked by the world and simultaneously protected by Hashem. I think this was her way of asking us not to lose our Judaism, not to lose our identity because she and our ancestors fought so hard to preserve it.

Anyway wish me luck on my first Passover, and pray for Israel during this trying time.

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