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Etiquette for choir rehearsals at a temple?

Hello everyone! I’ve been invited to sing in a local Reform temple’s choir as part of their upcoming holiday services. I’m not Jewish and I grew up in a Christian household, and I’ve only been to this temple once before. Is there anything I should be careful to do (or not do) during rehearsals beyond, like, basic respect and courtesy? What sort of thing would make you say “oh, he probably doesn’t know any better but I really wish he wouldn’t do that”? I don’t want to be that guy 🙂

In case it matters, rehearsals will be on Saturday mornings and they’ll be in the temple building but probably not in the sanctuary. And I assume the choir director knows I’m not Jewish, but is that something I should bring up directly with her or with the rabbi, or does it matter for singing at the holiday services?


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