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Ethnic relations

What is your opinion on Jewish-East Asian relations (assuming the East Asians aren’t Jewish, and vice versa)?

Sometimes it feels like the East Asian communities lionize the Jewish community for its supposed financial and educational success. It also seems like there are lots of East Asian-Jewish couples (usually EA female with Jewish male) for whatever reason. (Not that it really matters?)

But it also seems like some in the Jewish community get annoyed by the East Asians’ competitiveness—especially in education. Some Jewish people seem to suggest that East Asians are “automatons” and that they lack “personality,” making them valueless candidates in competitive college admissions. People call East Asians “the new Jews.” What do you think of that? Is that a reductive take on both East Asians and Jews?

Then again, even Central Synagogue has a cantor/rabbi of East Asian descent. So how are relations, really? What is the history of East Asian-Jewish relations? What does the future hold for East Asian-Jewish relations?

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